The Cove Auto Boutique

Cove Culture Car Wraps

The Cove Auto Boutique is the Best Car Wrap Company in Miami. Our Professional 3M Vehicle Wrap Installers are trained on Detail and Perfection. We handle all types of Vinyl Wraps from Glossy, Matte, Metallic, Chrome or Custom Printed Designs.

One-Stop Shop for Customizing your Vehicle!

Wrapping cars is our passion. The Cove Auto Boutique is more than your typical Vehicle Wrap Company. The Cove Auto Boutique is all about Customizing your Ride to exceed expectations! Including car customization services like Reflective Calipers, Chrome Deletes, Ceramic Coating, Tinting and even Rhino Liner.

We service Broward, Miami and Fort Lauderdale county covering the full South Florida region. Our mission is to allow our customer to add their own personal touch to their car. If you’re looking to take your vehicle to “The Next Level”, The Cove Auto Boutique is the perfect place for you.

We treat your car like its one of OUR OWN!

WHEN IT COMES TO WRAPPING YOUR VEHICLE,  there is much more to the process than just the actual vinyl wrap process. For starters, your vehicle is dropped off at our facility, we then begin our process by disassembling the vehicle. The reason we disassemble the vehicle is to assure that all dirt and debris is removed from the surface of your vehicle, even in those tough to reach spots that most wrap companies aren’t concerned about. Once the disassembly of the car is complete, we continue preparing the vehicle by washing the body like it’s Sunday morning.

Next, we bring the car onto the wrap floor and begin clay barring the paint/surface of your car. If you aren’t familiar with the clay baring process, clay baring is the process of rubbing a lubricated clay bar against the vehicle to remove microscopic dirt particles that can be aggressively stuck to the clear coat. Dirt particles that are not properly removed will show up underneath the vinyl. This will cause dirt speckles/bumps as the vinyl is not laying completely smooth against the cars paint.